Northern Lights Distributors, LLC (“NLD”) has unveiled the online Advisor Knowledge Center, which is available on its recently redesigned website.

The Advisor Knowledge Center provides interactive and informative content, including original blog posts, articles, white papers and videos, from NLD focused on Competitive Edge, Marketing Resources, Distribution Planning and Distribution Activity—the four cornerstones of distribution that NLD addresses in customized fund distribution plans for advisors.

“As the mutual fund universe continues to evolve, so too do the distribution strategies and processes that help advisors reach investors and raise capital,” said Brian Nielsen, Chief Executive Officer of Northern Lights Distributors. “Advisors need to stay abreast of new developments on the distribution front in order to generate scalable growth for their mutual funds and other pooled investment vehicles, and our Advisor Knowledge Center serves as an educational hub that can keep them up-to-date.”

The Advisor Knowledge Center’s content offers tips, information and tutorials to empower advisors to properly assess and understand their competitors, leverage their investment expertise to make a positive impact on investors and differentiate themselves from the competition, identify and evaluate opportunities for strategic partnerships, and create a customized distribution plan to potentially grow assets over time.

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